Three years ago, a team came together to fashion a line of clothing with a mission: to help women feel confident and beautiful wearing modest and stylish clothes. Modest Fashion features Modest clothingAbayas, Kaftans, Khimars and other modest essentials. Our goal is to strengthen women with the power that comes through modest clothing

Why modesty? 

We understand how hard it is to find clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. We believe modest clothing isn’t just about tradition. It’s not about hiding or covering up. Modest clothing is about comfort and confidence. 

Modesty shouldn’t compromise fashion, and fashion shouldn’t compromise modesty. With this belief sewn into all of our clothing, our garments are the perfect blend of trending styles and modest cuts, leaving you feeling beautiful, comfortable, and powerful for every event in your life. 


You will see Abayas with different cuts, designs and shapes, which gives you a polished look. Here are some styles which are prominent in the market:

Abaya with Bell Sleeve: It is one of the most elegant featuring sleeves that flares gently from the elbow onwards. It complements best to the loose fitted Abayas.

Butterfly Sleeve Abayas: Flaring widely from the armhole these sleeves extend to the wrist or elbow. It provides the cape effect which gives a beautiful butterfly look.

Baggy Style Sleeves Abayas: It features baggy sleeves that give a fashionable look to any plane looking Abaya which is apt for a professional environment.

Cuffed Sleeves ABAYA: This type of Abaya features long and tightly fitted cuffs of various styles at the wrist. It includes designs such as satin fabric design, buttons on the end of cuffs, embroidery at the end of cuffs or ribbon work at the edges.

The Closed Abaya: Closed Abayas look both gorgeous and contemporary.

Front open abaya: Open Abayas look both gorgeous and are perfect for layering.

Modest fashion

The latest addition in the fashion industry. 

These are exclusively-designed clothing to self-express without causing any harm to religious sentiments. We offer a wide range of Modest dresses, Co-ord sets, Ready to wear Abayas, Maxi dresses and more.


Channel a modern look with our versatile range of Kaftans. Our Kaftans feature geometric shapes in crisp and bold lines, Many beautiful modest silhouettes. Our kaftans are anything-but-comfortable Kaftans and a perfect pick to revamp your wardrobe.Our simple yet graceful kaftans are perfect for everyday wear.

If you’re looking for an extra stylish range of modest wear do not forget to check out our Occasion Wear which includes all kinds of occasional festive garments.


 Jilbāb covers the entire body, covering the hands with gloves and the face along with a niqab. To make our Jilbabs, we use fabrics of superior quality offering a wide range of applications, textures and designs. It gives you an elegant drape, its comfortable islamic clothing, It’s easy to maintain


Are a veil for covering the hair and face except for the eyes that is worn by some Muslim women

Half niqabs

A comfortable half face niqab is designed to be worn over a hijab and secured with Strings at the back.

Two Layer Niqab

This traditional Double layered full face niqab is designed to be worn over a hijab for Muslimahs who wish to cover the face.  The top layer can be worn down over eyes or worn up over head to expose eyes.  This classic Muslim face veil is secured at forehead by a 2 inch wide headband with a convenient closure .

One Layer Niqab

This traditional Single layered full face niqab is designed to be worn over a hijab for Muslimas who wish to cover their face.  This Muslim face veil is secured at the forehead by a 3 inch wide headband and convenient closure .

Saudi Style One Layer Niqab

A traditional extra long Saudi style Single layered niqab. Niqab is worn over the hijab. Niqab is secured by tie closure. 

Triple Layer Traditional Niqab

A traditional extra long Triple layered niqab. Niqab is worn over the hijab, and the screen (top layer) can be pulled up over the head (as pictured) for better vision.  When the screen (top layer) is down you can see out, yet the screen provides complete coverage for modesty.